I'm Liz – a designer, prototyper, and composer.

How I got here

My journey into technology and design began after using Max/MSP in musical experiments. Searching for a better understanding of the software, I signed up for night classes in Python – and subsequently made the move into front end.

Prior to making the leap into technology, I worked in political consulting and communications.

As a composer, I've had my music performed by the BBC Singers, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Robert Saxton, and Trevor Wishart.

Product design – particularly in the musical space – seems the best way to marry these threads together.


Strategic deliverables

I use competitive analyses, user flows, information architecture, and cross-platform flows to better consider the holistic user experience.

Tactical deliverables

I deliver well-presented wireframes and interactive prototypes to communicate my ideas.

Cross-functional toolkit

Interface design (Figma / Sketch), production HTML/CSS and Javascript, platform SDKs (Android Studio), and native prototyping (Framer).

Visual design

I value layout, typography and visual hierarchy, as well as adherence to design foundations.

User research

Prior experience in workshop facilitation, user testing, and evaluation and synthesis of findings.


Experience with Vue/Nuxt, custom Wordpress integration, PHP and React.