Development portfolio

A summary of my engineering work.


Voxbone is one of the largest CaaS services in the world. They wanted a highly customisable page with a flexible approach to content and layouts. We used Wordpress – but because we wanted a slightly lighter and more flexible front-end (plus our PHP was a little, um...rusty), we used headless WordPress with NuxtJS/Vue and consumed WordPress as an API.

Role Front-End Developer
Company Mighty Sharp
Client Voxbone

Kite Eyewear

Kite was a revolutionary eyewear startup. Initially build on a Riot.js front-end, we eventually fully migrated to react.js. This project also included the organisaiton of user testing and some design work.

Role Full-Stack Engineer
Company Kite Eyewear

Fauna & Flora International

Another instance of a headless WordPress with Vue front-end, although sans NuxtJS (this was our first experiment with a headless WordPress instance, so we decided to play it safe 🤷).

Role Front-end Developer
Company Mighty Sharp
Client Fauna & Flora International